About Us - Approach & Methodology

Project Approach

We have a structured approach to developing software packages, even for packages that are integrated in the architecture of large organisations. In developing mobile solutions, we use a ‘lean approach’ with regular status updates, both internally and with the client.


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Detailed Analysis

A smooth and successful production cycle starts with a thorough technical and functional analysis. In our opinion, a detailed analysis is the cornerstone of the development process. We take great care in covering as much detail as possible, without creating overhead cost.


In close collaboration with the customer, we develop the app’s design. We thrive to finetune the design to create a true mobile experience. Optionally, a prototype is produced to fully to experience the user interface.


During the development phase, regular status updates are key in reaching high quality standards. Development is based on an agile methodology: we work with a number of internal milestones. Once a milestone is reached, bugs are fixed and wrong implementations are remedied. Note however that the development phase does not necessarily have to start after the design phase: core modules and back-end synchronization can be developed before design is finalized.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is another important step in developing your mobile solution: once the app is finalised, our test department starts with regression tests. One week of testing is the absolute minimum, because the software can only be released to the client from the moment it is fully compliant with all requirements.

Delivery & Follow-up

We integrate software into the workflow of organizations, for large enterprises and middle-sized companies alike. In close collaboration with the client, we make sure that the software functions well, and that the underlying system is stable in order to guarantee the best up-time, performance, scalablity, security, failover possibilities, etcetera. We also provide support to set up the hardware and configure the server.

Support & Warranty

We provide optional service & update contracts. Whenever a new version of iOS, Android or Windows Phone is released, your mobile application is updated to function correctly, and is optimized to ensure a smooth operation.

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